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Sedona is Dusty – Your House Needs a Bath

June 26th, 2020 by
Soap and water can make your house look like new

That film of dust on your wood furniture confirms a fact, it’s dusty here in Sedona AZ. How long has it been since your house was given a proper bath? Your Stucco exterior with its countless voids and crevices is the perfect environment to catch dirt and dust and that in-turn makes a wonderful little home for various molds and insects. If upon closer inspection you realize how much gunk is trapped in your Stucco and you decide to tackle this major project yourself, here are some suggestions to keep in mind. Always Put Safety First Before You Start Be sure to clear away furniture and obstacles around the house. If you have any bushes to close to the house […]

Freshen up Your Interior Paint With a Little Elbow Grease

June 22nd, 2020 by
Sedona Licensed Interior Painters

One thing COVID-19 has really brought front and center is the importance of keeping ourselves and homes extra clean. According to, the virus can live on surfaces like wood, metal, and even paper for up to 5 days.In your quest to keep your home clean and healthy have you looked at your interior paint lately, I mean really looked at it?Over time dust, cooking oils, fingerprints and even sunshine all conspire to tarnish the luster of your once beautiful paint.So here are some “honey-do” tips that can freshen up your house and brighten the interior.Working from the top of the wall downward.   DUST BABY DUST I have found a coarse Swiffer type dust mop works really well. Plus […]

5 Easy Steps to Find A Licensed Painting Contractor

June 15th, 2020 by

Your house is among your most valuable possessions. The roof over your head brings you comfort and peace of mind. So, protecting your home when choosing a painting contractor is your responsibility. STEP ONE: Do an Internet search for “Arizona Registrar of Contractors” and click on “Contractor Search”. Type in the name of the painting company and you will be able to easily verify their standing with the state. STEP TWO: Obtain a Comprehensive Estimate. You should have an item by item quote that aligns with your budget. of course, barring any unforeseen circumstances. STEP THREE: Never, ever, pay the entire cost of your project upfront no matter how nice the person seems or how heart-wrenching their story. Home improvement […]

House Painters Sedona – Cheap Won’t Save You Money

February 20th, 2020 by

5 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Homes Residential Exterior Paint

February 20th, 2020 by

Monsoon downpours, blistering heat, punishing winds, the exterior paint on your house gets a real work out here in Sedona and Cottonwood Arizona. Here are 5 steps to ensuring that your Sedona or Cottonwood house can stand up to whatever our northern Arizona weather can throw at it. 1) Buy Quality Proven Paint The big box store, buy in bulk paint just doesn’t cut it. Not only is name brand paint a worthwhile investment but it should also be name brand paint that has proven that it can hold up to our extreme weather for several years. 2) Keep Your Residential Exterior Paint Clean Power washing the exterior paint is something most folks forget all about. Dirt and dust that […]

Is Your Home’s Exterior Beginning to Look a Bit Sad and Faded?

February 20th, 2020 by
Sedona SCPC Paint Company

Sooner or later our harsh Arizona weather will take its toll on the exterior paint of your home, leaving it faded and tired looking. Stucco is the exterior of choice here in Sedona and Cottonwood Arizona and although it is durable it still requires regular maintenance. Take a close look at the exterior Stucco on your home and you will see myriads of voids, cracks and raised rough patches. Why is this important? Simply put, the surface area of your stucco is far greater than if your home was clad in smooth wood planking. The rough nature of stucco also allows rain, snow and dust to settle into these crack and voids attacking and wearing down your homes exterior paint. […]

Sedona SCPC Paint Company Never Takes Any Shortcuts

February 20th, 2020 by
Sedona SCPC Paint Company

Preparation is everything and although it takes time and effort the final results speak for themselves!