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Paint Finish Type for Interior Walls


Think That’s All There Is To It?

Just walk into the big box paint store and walk out with the perfect paint to go on the walls?

Well, that would be great, but besides the overwhelming choice of “what color” you’re going to have decide what kind of finish? Choose the wrong finish and the color goes from perfect to YECH!!

So here are the different kinds of paint finishes you should consider.

As the name would suggest this has a flat finish to it. It’s usually used on interior walls and is great for camouflaging small imperfections in the wall like bumps or cracks because it does not reflect light. This paint might scratch easily, so keep some paint on hand to make minor repairs to the walls. Ceilings can be painted with a matte finish because it’s not going to have any wear or tear.

This finish can stand up to a good scrubbing so use this paint in bath rooms and hallways.

This paint has a very slight gloss to it, kind of like an eggshell, therefore the name. Unlike its name though this is a sturdy paint which holds up better than flat paint. So go ahead and put it on your walls and fear not when it comes to cleaning the walls.

For a more velvety look with very little shine try the satin finish. This is a great paint to use in high traffic areas. Kid’s bedrooms do well with a satin finish. Try it in kitchens or bathrooms too.

You don’t really want to put a semi-gloss paint on the walls. This is best for trim or painting cabinets. It has a little gloss to it, but not too much to be distracting. It’s important to prepare the surface properly before applying because every little flaw will be highlighted by the slight glossiness to this paint.

This is a reflective paint. It’s not used much for interiors, but for a dramatic effect it can be used on trim, cabinets, and furniture. It gives almost an enamel/plastic look. But be aware any imperfections in the surface are going to be highlighted with this finish so make sure you prepare the surface well or you’ll be disappointed with the outcome.

Always remember, the key to good painting is going to be proper preparation. It doesn’t matter what kind of paint you use if you ignore the preparation of the surface.
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How to keep your walls looking new?



How to Keep Your Walls Looking New?

So, you just made the investment to have your interior painted so how do you keep them looking new for years? Here in windy Arizona dust is the first problem. Dust is a magnet for the oils from your skin which is one reason the area around light switches gets so dirty after a few months. Plan on dusting your walls at least a couple of times a year. The easiest solution is to use a Swiffer pole and dusting pads. Its super light making it very easy to complete this annual chore.


Sometimes life happens and you find some stains on your walls. Here are some of the common stains and how to remove them.


You’ll need a dull scraping tool like a butter knife, dish washing soap, a soft cloth, and a dry towel. Use the scraping tool to remove any excess crayon off the wall. With the dish washing soap and a little water rub the spot and the crayon should lift right up off the wall. Then dry the area with the towel.


You will need hairspray (yep, hairspray) , soft rag, and toothpaste. Spray with the hairspray. Rub gently with the towel or rag. Whatever ink remains then apply a thin layer of toothpaste and allow to sit for ten minutes. Then using a damp rage wipe it clean .

Coffee or Wine

These generally aren’t hard to remove. If you don’t catch them right after they happen then you will need mild detergent, warm water, a cloth, and a dry towel. Don’t use a lot of detergent, just enough to get a few bubbles. Moisten your cloth in the detergent solution and gently rub the wall. Dry with another cloth.

How To Clean Walls Painted With Latex Paint

Use warm water and a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner to clean the walls. Wash around where light switches are and doors as these are high touched areas. For spots that just won’t come off such as fingerprints or scuffs make a paste out of baking soda and water. If that still doesn’t work, then put a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and gently rub the spot to get it clean. Regular cleaning of the walls will help with these stubborn stains.

How To Clean Walls Painted With Oil Based Paint

Walls with oil based paint can be washed similarly to those painted with latex paint. But if you have stubborn fingerprints you should use a mixture of liquid dish detergent mixed in warm water and white vinegar. Lightly daub the stain with your cleaning solution and allow to sit for ten minutes. Then blot to remove the stain.

If the walls are textured they’ll catch lots of dust so it will require a deeper cleaning. Good old fashioned borax mixed with water will deep clean the area just don’t scrub hard or you can affect the appearance of the paint which could be as annoying as the stain was.