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No matter what the project you can always find someone to do it cheaper and that is certainly true when it comes to painting your house.

A professional residential house painting company will have pride in both their employees and their workmanship. Plus they are concerned about protecting their customers should the unexpected happen.

Maintaining a license with the state requires a painting contractor to adhere to certain professional standards and insurance requirements.

What if a strong wind gust topples a ladder into one of your windows?

Do you think the handyman unlicensed painter might slink out of town to avoid coughing up the repair cost out of his own pocket, maybe?

Or could you be stuck with making your own insurance claim?

True, a licensed and insured painting company may cost a bit more initially but in reality for the durability of the finish and your peace of mind, it’s a better long term investment.
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It’s better for your physical and mental health if you find a way to relieve your stress rather than learn how to just live with it. When you reduce your stress, you’ll find that you have more energy, improved mental clarity, and you don’t experience as much anxiety or sadness.

But you have to find what works for you. You can try different methods and many people find it beneficial to keep a stress log. In this way, you can identify when you feel stressed and what the circumstances were.

By identifying the stress relievers you used, you’ll be able to pinpoint what was most helpful to you.

Here are some techniques you can research.

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a well-established stress reliever. This is a technique where you apply pressure to nerve points in your body to reduce stress.

Exercise can alleviate stress. Whenever you exercise, you get a release of the feel good chemicals in the brain. This stabilizes mood, boosts your energy and eases mental stress. The type of exercise is NOT necessarily go until you drop, but rather, a steady walk where you increase the distance over time can be very beneficial.

Aromatherapy is a good stress reliever and there are supplements that are known to restore calm. Always be sure to check with your Doctor before using any supplements.

Don’t force yourself to stick with any one method just because someone says it worked for them. What worked for someone else might not work for you. It’s okay to try more than one stress reliever.

It’s also okay if you combine approaches. For example, you might find that walking is helpful for you, but that you still struggle with moments where the stress isn’t relieved by working out. You might find that by combining with aromatherapy, you do find the relief you’re looking for.

By writing down what your stress symptoms are and how you approach getting rid of them, you’ll be able to put together a personalized plan to deal with the stress in your life that works at any time.

Stay safe – stay healthy!

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COVID-19 has forced us all to make changes that can create a lot of stress in our lives.

Stress happens to all of us. The question is whether your stress is good or bad. There are two types of stress. One is EUSTRESS and the other is DISTRESS.

While it might be common to think of every bit of stress you have as bad, good stress is actually beneficial. Whenever you encounter something in life that’s good, you feel eustress. This type of stress can lead to positive outcomes.

It allows you to stay focused, accomplish tasks or goals and maintain a positive outlook. It’s a feel-good stress that you might experience with something daring like riding a roller coaster or parachuting from an airplane.

But it can also stem from something like having to give a speech or handling a new area of work at your job. You feel good because you have to stretch yourself and tackle something that makes you level up.

It can also stem from the people you encounter in your life such as your friends, family or spouse. With eustress, the effects that you get from it are all positive. This kind helps boost your self-esteem and make you feel like you can handle anything. You feel happy with your life.

When you have eustress, it doesn’t leave you feeling drained. Instead, you feel full of energy. You may feel motivated to accomplish things and it makes you stronger mentally and physically.

Distress on the other hand isn’t good for you. This type of stress can harm your body and create mental chaos. You might find that your emotions are heightened with this type of stress.

When you experience this, it may cause you to feel that everything is coming at you all at once and you just can’t handle it. You may develop anxiety, anger, irritability and find that you struggle to get through the day.

At work, you might feel overwhelmed rather than excited or challenged. You feel like you’re trying to do too many things and everything feels harder. You can experience either type of stress at home or work, but you can also encounter this whenever something new happens in your life and depending on the type of stress you have, the reaction you have will greatly differ.

For example, if you’re trying something that’s outside of your comfort zone, eustress will make you feel excited to have a new encounter. Distress will only see the potential for a negative outcome.

You can spot the difference between these two types of stress based on how you feel. If you feel energized and excited in a situation, that’s a good stress, but if you feel drained or overwhelmed and just want to shut down, that’s a sign you’re dealing with bad stress.

Stay safe – stay healthy!

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