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There are pandemic positives if you change your perceptions.

If things had remained the old normal there is a good chance that your “To Do” list wouldn’t even get a dent in it, am I right?

Now with being forced to limit our activities outside the house you now have the opportunity to attack your To Do list.

Here is a really helpful article that may help you to do some serious shrinking of your chore list.

MOM Knew The Best Way To Beat Any Virus


MOM KNEW BEST-  when she was always reminding you to WASH YOUR HANDS!

Besides wearing a mask when in public places… simply washing your hands several times a day is still one of the most effective ways to keep the virus at bay.

Now the the FLU SEASON is just around the corner all the more important.

SCPC takes this pandemic very serious and we follow the CDC guidelines when we are painting inside your home.
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The HONEY-DO List is finally ending up as the…

The HONEY-DO List is finally ending up as the… HONEY- DONE list and it only took a pandemic to make it happen!!!


Your stucco exterior is a tough surface but it is locked in an ongoing battle with monsoon rains, strong winds and our harsh Arizona sun. These elements are relentless and sooner or later your stucco will show signs of fatigue. SCPC Paint Company takes great care to address ant stucco issues during the pre-painting preparation work. We save you time as we are experts in stucco repair so there is no need to hire another contractor.

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