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Pick your paint colors the easy way





Overwhelmed With Trying to Decide What Color to Paint Your Walls?

Hey, we get it! Choosing the perfect paint color for your walls that compliments your décor can be a difficult task. In fact, most people admit it’s their biggest challenge since it’s the foundation that creates the feeling in your entire living space.

It really boils down to asking yourself a few questions such as….

What kind of color appeals the most to you?

I know that sounds basic but keep in mind that there are a number of tinting variations for each color. So, choosing a single color can simplify this process considerably.

What mood are you trying to create for your room?

The environment of a room changes daily, or even hourly based on the amount of natural light or interior light sources. It can be very helpful to take a phone photo every hour during the day and then compare them to each other to see how day light

Visit your paint retailer and pick up a few differently tinted paint swatches and tape the sample color(s) on your wall in a place that receives all the different day and nighttime lighting. Take time to view these swatches in the morning and at night. This will help you to understand the effect lighting has on your color choice.

Next Your Interior Furnishings and Decorations?

Are you keeping your current furnishings or adding a feature piece? If so, this new furnishing can become the focal point and inspire the choice of the paint colors. If your couch is monotone, then you definitely don’t want to go with the same wall color as the couch. Do you have accent pillows on your couch? Pull a color from there.

Of course, you’ve got to consider the color of your carpeting and floors and don’t forget the moldings and baseboards. If you are still struggling to pick between two colors, then try to figure out a way you can use both. One as an accent color on the molding and trim and one on the walls.

Some paint manufacturers have recently started doing the heavy lifting for you by grouping colors into a palette that helps you to picture which colors to use. In fact, there are some phone apps that let you take a picture of your room and upload it to their software and click on the walls and the color you like will appear, how cool is that?

If you’re exhausted with the process of choosing your interior paint colors please reach out to us at  SCPC Paint Company. For over 20+ years we have been the licensed and insured house painters of choice for happy homeowners in Sedona, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Jerome and the rest of the Verde Valley.