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Is Your Home’s Exterior Beginning to Look a Bit Sad and Faded?

Sooner or later our harsh Arizona weather will take its toll on the exterior paint of your home, leaving it faded and tired looking. Stucco is the exterior of choice here in Sedona and Cottonwood Arizona and although it is durable it still requires regular maintenance.

Take a close look at the exterior Stucco on your home and you will see myriads of voids, cracks and raised rough patches. Why is this important? Simply put, the surface area of your stucco is far greater than if your home was clad in smooth wood planking.

The rough nature of stucco also allows rain, snow and dust to settle into these crack and voids attacking and wearing down your homes exterior paint. If ignored, the moisture can penetrate the cement causing it to swell and crack leading to even greater problems. Depending on how your house is situated for sun exposure you can expect to need to renew your exterior house paint every five to seven years.

When you have concerns about your homes exterior paint be sure to have a licensed and insured house painting contractor assess the exterior paints condition. This is your home so before you choose a painting company confirm that they are licensed and insured, check with the state to make sure they are in good standing, visit their web site to see if they have testimonials from both home owners and local contractors.

Do they use high quality exterior paint proven to be durable in our climate?

Do they first spray and then manually back roll to force the paint down into the voids and cracks?

Do they carefully cover, tape and wrap not just the windows and doors but anything you have outside such as; patio furniture and how about your barbecue?

Your home is a major investment and no doubt you want it to reflect your pride of ownership therefore, carefully selecting your residential exterior house painters is time well spent!