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Confused in Sedona?



You have got to get your walls painted up on the wall and you’ll hear all kinds of suggestions on what you should do as far as using a primer, or no primer at all, or a paint with a primer already mixed in? Hey, wait a minute this sounds like the best of both worlds, paint and primer in one.


Why would anyone ever choose something else if they can save themselves a step and avoid priming the walls and then going back and painting? Well, here are the benefits and the disadvantages to using paint alone, priming first then painting, or using a paint and primer that’s already mixed.


If you aren’t actually changing the color of the room and are just touching up the existing color, then you don’t need to prime first. This is because the color from the old paint isn’t going to tint the new paint color. So when you are doing an exact match paint, you can skip the primer entirely and everything will look just fine.


The real debate comes in when you are deciding between using a paint with a primer already in it or purchasing a primer and then doing a top coat. You will always want to use one of these types of methods though if you are going with a complete color change. Especially if it’s drastic like going from a dark color to a light color or vice versa.

So what would make someone actually take the time to prime first and then paint a room? Generally speaking the benefit of a stand-alone primer is less coats of paint on a wall with a major color change or if covering over stains.



When the paint and primer are mixed together you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong tint to the primer because it just goes straight in with the paint. For amateur painters there is a cost savings and certainly a time savings as well.

If you think all of this painting work…sounds like a lot of effort, it is.


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