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5 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Homes Residential Exterior Paint

Monsoon downpours, blistering heat, punishing winds, the exterior paint on your house gets a real work out here in Sedona and Cottonwood Arizona.

Here are 5 steps to ensuring that your Sedona or Cottonwood house can stand up to whatever our northern Arizona weather can throw at it.

1) Buy Quality Proven Paint

The big box store, buy in bulk paint just doesn’t cut it. Not only is name brand paint a worthwhile investment but it should also be name brand paint that has proven that it can hold up to our extreme weather for several years.

2) Keep Your Residential Exterior Paint Clean

Power washing the exterior paint is something most folks forget all about. Dirt and dust that becomes trapped in the voids and cracks of your stucco can, when combined with moisture slowly eat away at your exterior paint finish. Power washing every couple of years can make a huge difference in how long your exterior paint finish hold up. By the way, be careful with high power washers. It’s not the high pressure but technique that yields the results.

3) Seal Any Cracks and Paint Promptly

A Stucco exterior is durable but only if you keep up the regular maintenance. Any cracks you discover should be filled, primer applied and then that area painted, if not, then rain moisture can seep in and attack your stucco and walls from the inside out.

4) Like Water Off a Duck’s Back

Your exterior paint should not just protect your house but it can be taken up a notch to literally shed the water right off! Brand name waterproofing paint additives make a night and day difference. Have you have ever treated your windshield and then watched in amazement when the rain turns into little spheres and rolls right off? Well, adding the proper water repellent additive to your residential exterior paint can have similar results. Remember, your house is at war with the elements so giving it every advantage makes sense, right?

5) Do Your Homework and Hire a Licensed and Insured Residential Exterior House Painting Company

If all of this this seems a bit overwhelming consider hiring a professional residential house painting company. Do your homework and make sure that they are licensed and insured and have a solid local reputation.

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